Public Relations Services :: Our results always surpass expectation

Through the power of innovation, we break out of the box to create a unique Communications Strategy. Whether it’s for entering the market, corporate positioning or keeping the buzz going around your brand, our public relations services make it happen.

Your company’s reputation is tremendously important. In fact, it might just matter more than anything else. Success in today’s marketplace depends on clear communication and great relationships with both current and potential clients. Being known for the right reasons will give you a competitive advantage. This is why quality Public Relations Services are essential for any business.
We are passionate about the Public Relations Services we provide. That’s why we get to know everything about you first to truly understand every detail about you and your project. Then we work with you, advising you on best practices and delivering a comprehensive, personalized strategy that will not only reach your goals but surpass them.
We meticulously research and analyze your industry, gauge public opinion, and create impactful messages that share your story with flair. Through a focused PR campaign, we put your reputation on a pedestal and take you to the next level.
To reach the right audience it’s crucial to know who to talk to. At Midas, we know which media outlets are best suited to your needs. We have the insider knowledge of which publications will be interested in featuring your company or service and will make sure they are there when you launch your next product. We have good relationships with many media representatives and know what makes them tick. That way we can create invitations they can’t refuse and you will be in the spotlight in front of your target audience.
You have a message you want to convey to the media? Midas can help you organize one-on-one interviews after your press conference or get you invited to the media’s offices to present your product or company and get the exposure you need in front of the country’s most popular media outlets, be it online, in print or even on TV.
The media are busy and are constantly being bombarded with information. To make sure that you stand out to them, we not only help you communicate with them effectively, but we help you prepare media kits they can take back to the office so they have all the relevant details at an arm’s length. Creating materials that will spark the media representative’s interest all while keeping it short and sweet will help you get the coverage you want by making their job both easier and more interesting.

At Midas, we have a 360-degree vision of Public Relations.

This means we take care of the following for you:

  1. Targeted Media Relations
  2. All Copywriting
  3. Dissemination of YOUR chosen message to media
  4. Collection of clippings
  5. Dramatic increase of your exposure
  6. Broadening your outreach to clients

Get in touch with us today, to find out what exactly we can do for you.