Best PR Moment

Being able to organize the World Economic Conference with one of my personal idols, Martin Armstrong. He is one of the most famous investment figureheads of our time, and to bring him to have a conference in Thailand, following his American and German tours, was a very proud moment. I’m also looking forward to another of my investment heroes, Larry Edelson, being part of the South East Asia Economic Forum 2015 next June.


When you think about complementary personalities and leaders – Tony is certainly the yin to Karin’s yang.

Of Thai and Australian descent, Tony is fiercely proud of his cultural heritage. Bringing impeccable vision to the team, he is not only a bridge between the Thai and European cultures but the strategic backbone to all company dealings.

Tony was born in Bangkok to Australian and Thai parents and grew up in Canberra. After graduating with a degree in Finance from the University of Canberra, he came back to live in Bangkok seeing the opportunities that an emerging Asia had to offer. With an interest in economics and politics and a general understanding of the financial markets he sought to apply this to the real world teaming up with Karin Lohitnavy to help steer this company to success.

With his brilliant business mind, and Karin’s creative dynamism, an unstoppable duo was forged.

What is your PR strength?

Staying calm in the face of problems and anything to do with numbers and finance.

Favorite Quote

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

Interesting fact about Tony?

He is a keen philosopher and has a hidden talent for singing classic 80s rock – and flying kicks!