MIDAS PR is a leading Public Relations agency in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Our strong local connections paired with international experience and Swiss quality standards give us a unique outlook on our work and enhance our performance.

Thanks to our diverse team we offer the most complete PR solution in town. At Midas we can take on a variety of tasks including PR, Events, Social Media and Graphic Design without having to outsource any work. Doing it all in-house lets us ensure high quality and meet even the most exacting standards.

With over ten years’ experience in the PR industry, the team at Midas has had the chance to work for a wide variety of clients, in industries as varied as health, legal, electronics, hospitality, sports and technology. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but for the sake of space, we have only listed a few of our past clients’ industries here. For a complete list, check out the Clients page with a list of everybody we have worked for.

Having been able to gain experiences from working with so many different clients helps Midas quickly understand new clients’ needs and adapt to their expectations. We can adjust quickly to new industries and ensure you get the most out of the time you spend working with us.

The members of Midas’ team come from many different backgrounds but all have PR as a common denominator, enabling them to work together to create solutions for you that will bring increased interest and new business your way.

Our local staff understands Thai consumer behavior and buying decisions. They understand what kind of PR campaign will help promote your company among your desired target audience and they can help you find the best place, be it online, a physical venue or both, to promote your company and get the public interested in you.

But this is not the only advantage our local staff brings with them. They know Bangkok and its surrounding area like the back of their hand and have great ideas when it comes to finding unique venues for press conferences, media briefings or product launches.

Want to host your event at the newest, trendiest or most exclusive location in town? Our staff will know what new lounge recently opened, where the hip crowd goes after work and which venue will attract the most media or attendees for your event simply due to location and accessibility.

Especially for international companies wanting to break into the Thai market for the first time, this is invaluable knowledge as it will save them time, effort and frustration to simply ask our local experts.

Another obvious advantage is that our Thai staff are all fluent in Thai and English, making it possible for them to approach both local and international publications, key opinion leaders and anybody else that needs to be involved in making your PR campaign great.

The fact that our team is international and most team members have overseas experience helps bring a more global perspective to the campaigns we design, giving you the opportunity to reach a wider base of potential clients. This can lead to you ultimately getting more exposure not only in your original target market but also among groups you might not have considered as potential clients before.

Having worked in other countries also helps our team come up with creative ideas. Combining knowledge they gained abroad with local strategies will make your PR approach different from the rest and catch more attention.

Are you marketing to foreigners living in Thailand? This is another time our international team comes in handy. We know best what foreigners and expats want because we have some in our team and we know many more outside of the workplace. We know how to attract this crowd and how to get the word about your company, product or service out to them in a way that will make them come running.

Do you prefer discussing business in a language other than Thai or English? Maybe French or German? That’s great because at Midas we speak these languages and several more. This can help you get your ideas across better, communicate clearly even if you don’t have the right words in English or Thai. So, get in touch and test our language skills

Being able to communicate in so many languages not only helps us speak to you but that way we can also reach very specific target markets.


We provide every one of our clients with bold, tailor-made communication strategies and deliver results that always exceed expectations. We believe in transparency, attention to detail, and truly understanding your needs and aspirations.

Our key belief: Listening to our clients carefully and asking the right questions lets us fully understand their goals, the first critical step to achieving them. Our results speak for themselves.

What makes us different: Our team is multi-cultural, dynamic, creative and innovative. Currently 11 nationalities are represented and 13 languages are spoken in our offices. Want to reach out internationally? As a true polyglot, Midas can communicate your message effectively around the world.

How we operate: To deliver results we do careful research, work hard, examine every detail and don’t stop until the job is done. We not only create great ideas and concepts – we implement them successfully.

We are proud to be a partner of PROI, the longest-running partnership of public relations agencies founded in 1970. With PROI’s 75+ partner agencies in 50 countries and more than 100 cities we give clients in house access to over 5000 dedicated pr professionals. Click here for their website.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We don’t need to toot our own horn, our clients prefer to do that for us.

The best forum I have ever attended. It was a big job and Midas PR pulled it off with great proficiency and professionalism. It went beyond what any of the FRB had expected.
Dr. Julapa Jagtiani, Special Adviser to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, USA
“Midas works to the highest standards and always delivers significantly more value than you pay for. She took on the PR for our conference, delivered a great event, fantastic coverage and PR that was worth 100 times more than the cost of hiring her and her company. Highly recommended!” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value.
Daniel Schwartz, Managing Director DPS Worldwide Co,. Ltd
“We have worked with Karin Lohitnavy and the team at Midas PR since 2014, mainly in interns/talent engagement and event organization. Our interns have always been nurtured and well-taken care of by the team at Midas PR. We have also had great ‘out of the box’ brainstorming sessions with the team leading in the creation of innovative event concepts. The team at Midas is responsive, professional, innovative and multicultural enabling great collaborations”
Jerome Le Carrou, Founder, CEO at Next Step Connections and co-founder SocialC.
During my two years of living in Bangkok, I have attended several of Midas’ networkings and workshops. My latest participation was at a rejuvenating workshop organized by Midas and NYC Anti-aging at Serenade Restaurant in Bangkok. The event was a huge success, much due to the careful planning made by Midas’ representatives and Karin Lohitnavy in particular. The restaurant served delicious Italian cold cuts, and all participants were offered to try a free facial treatment, which made it even more memorable. I look forward to attending many more networkings, workshops and events organized by Midas in the future!
Victoria Svederberg, Founder and CEO of Novasans
A few words to thank you for the great work you have done to drive visibility and further strengthen the credibility of our company among potential international customers. Throughout my career I have worked with many, and some of the largest PR agencies in the world. Some of these agencies are supposed to be best in class, but none of them was able to deliver what you have produced, namely the combined result of hard work, creativity and business insight. Throughout the whole project you acted as a partner and delivered more than expected. We are looking forward to working with you on a next project with you and your team.
Daniel Frick, CEO, Ramburi
I have found the company to be proactive, resourceful, professional and consistent – all qualities that have made Midas one of my most important PR contacts in Bangkok, and a valuable contributor of news, happenings and developments of a client base that covers various industry sectors. Midas has demonstrated a sound understanding of our publication’s uniqueness and readership profile, and the quality of material submitted is always of the highest standard (copy, images, etc). Most impressive, however, is the prompt manner in which requests are handled; nothing seems to be impossible – even in tight deadlines.
Francois Oosthuizen, Editor, 2 magazine
We have successfully worked with MIDAS PR on several advertisement projects. MIDAS quickly grasped our focus area and provided relevant and accurate advertisement materials making it easy to work together. From the warm and personal service to the professional deliverables, we gladly recommend any publication company to work with MIDAS.
Wanderlust Magazine, Thailand
AGBA’s “Global Board of Trustees” would like to recognize the special contribution made by the management team at the MIDAS Communications Ltd. (Thailand) under the dynamic leadership of its Founder, President and CEO (Ms. Karin Lohitnavy) for making this 10th global conference a grand success.
AGBA outsourced the operational side of the conference management for the first time in its history ti a nationally acclaimed and well reputed professional event management company MIDAS PR to organize its 10th global conference on a professional basis.

MIDAS has done a fabulous job from identifying sponsors to selecting suitable hotels, from organizing printing of promotional materials to producing these proceedings, and from hosting delegates to organizing interesting sightseeing tours.

Hence, while attending your conference, wherever you run into any member of MIDAS Management Team, kindly sat “Thank You”.

Academy for Global Business Advancement, Thailand
As Chairman of the Bangkok International Rugby 10’s it has been a privilege to work with Midas PR these past 3 years. They have supported us and added great value to our International Rugby event which is supporting our charity for underprivileged orphan children in Bangkok. We look forward to a continued partnership.
Eddie Evans, Bangkok International Rugby 10’s


  • Thailand Brand Leadership Award 2018 for the Best PR Company (Thailand).
  • The Golden Globe Tigers Awards 2020 for Excellence & Leadership in Branding & Marketing.
  • Global Business Insight Awards 2019 for the Most Outstanding Public Relations Firm.
  • Best PR Agency Thailand 2016