Mother’s Day in Thailand is one of the most important public holidays of the year. This is the time when people want to spend quality time with their families and have meaningful experiences together. It is also a perfect chance for companies to generate positive PR by providing their customers with themed promotions. However, to create a lasting buzz these need to be original and creative. In the following article we highlight five approaches to promoting brands on Mother’s Day.

Thanking Mothers

Thanking mothers is an emotional appeal that works well on this holiday. Tesco Lotus is a good example for this. They produced a video showing a mother working as a taxi driver overcoming tough situations to provide for her child, illustrating to what great lengths many mothers go take care of their family. A moving video, it created awareness for mothers’ sacrifices and positioned the brand as strongly supportive of mothers on this important holiday.

Using Nostalgia to Your Advantage

Using emotional memories can work for any holiday in the year, but on Mother’s Day these hold extra sentimental value. Nestle launched a campaign this year that reminded people of how their mother is their first hero and how important it is to show her this not only on Mother’s Day, but every day. By referring to childhood memories, Nestle created emotional significance for their campaign and positioned itself as family-friendly company with traditional values.

Discounts and Giveaways

A tried and tested method for retailers, restaurants, spas and entertainment businesses is to offer discounts and deals for mothers on this day to generate positive exposure for their brands. The hospitality industry is a good example for this tactic, as almost all major brands throughout the country offered deals and discounts on Mother’s Day. A good illustration of this is the Hilton hotel in Pattaya. For every four paying adults, they offered a complimentary buffet lunch to mothers and presented them with a jasmine garland and a special welcome cocktail.

Relating to Global Trends

Another useful tool for companies is linking their campaigns to global trends. An example is Jog and Joy’s Mother’s Day run. With running being one of the most popular sports worldwide and more hobby athletes wanting to participate in races, this idea was a great way to attract participants and get exposure for the brand. Hosting the event on the public holiday encouraged people to join and show their support for it.

Identifying Common Problems and Offering Practical Solutions

Millennials are great fans of short articles and listicles that offer practical solutions and creative ideas. BK Magazine is a Thai website full of such articles, of course also featured information about what to do and where to go on Mother’s Day. This provided readers with inspiration and further established the website as an insightful place to go when looking for ideas on what to do for special holidays. Generating this kind of relevant content helps companies get traffic for their website and also generates repeat visitors as they keep coming back for more information.