Now that your business is successfully utilizing social media and regularly developing social media strategies, it’s time to get to know the latest and greatest apps to make it all easier. Instagram is one of the leaders amongst social media platforms. At its simplest form, Instagram is a photo sharing platform. Instagram is widely used and is useful in getting in touch with your target audience.

There’s a myriad of amazing tools and new, innovative apps to check out that can help make your life easier and your business stand out.

1. Videohance

This app is nicely designed for iPhone/Ipad and allows you to easily edit videos for Instagram. The key features enable you to:

-Add filters and effects

-Adjust white balance, contrast and exposure

-Apply Instagram filters

-Add sound and trim video

2. iWatermark

If you are producing high quality images and you fear people will use them for their own purposes, watermark them with this app. You can upload a logo, your name and even the date.

Maybe you don’t want to use a huge watermark – well, you can also add a small logo at the bottom of the image so people know who created it.

3. Flipagram

Instead of posting pictures all the time, you can compile them into a video using Flipagram. This app helps you create a story around your pictures. The videos are 15 second longs and you can adjust how long each image is displayed.

4. Diptic

This app compiles a group of images into one image by using a scrapbook like effect. You can choose from 179 layouts, customize the frames and position your photos. Text, filters and colors are also available.

5. Camera+

Camera+ can improve your camera’s quality. You can customize things like exposure & focus and shoot modes as well as use new features like a photo flashlight, grid and a digital zoom.