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Interview Pitfalls to Steer Clear of

Interviews can make or break your image. With no list of approved topics, the person giving an interview will surely be bombarded with questions about competitors, market numbers, other controversial issues. This can be overwhelming. Panic can cause a person to act, and speak impulsively; this is not always the best thing for your company. [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Top Tier Interviews

Interviews are an opportunity to communicate your business’s key messages and simultaneously up your personal brand. You’re in charge. Showcase your strengths, and distract from your non --existent weaknesses.  With apt preparation from the right team, your interview can very well place you in the best light, increasing your brand awareness and customer loyalty! One [...]

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Why is it important to have a Podcast channel?

While storytelling has been an integral part of Brand Marketing, techniques have changed over time. Podcasts are taking over. Podcasts are digital audio files usually consisting of correspondences covering a variety of topics. Listeners can browse topics, and easily download the file onto any digital device. In addition to academics and public figures, organizations like [...]

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How to make a good Podcast?

The overall goal of having a podcast is to attract more listeners and speak like a professional. We then want to convert our active listeners to engaged listeners. Engaged listeners are loyal. They tune in because they value your opinion and want to hear your thoughts on various industry trends and topics. Below we have [...]

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